All about DHIVA BEAUTYS Raw Cambodian Hair!

Common questions about Cambodian Hair!

What is raw Cambodian hair?

Our Raw cambodian hair is hair that has been collected in Cambodian from a young healthy donor that has never chemically or processed their hair in any way!

Is raw Cambodian hair good?
Our Raw Cambodian hair is a great choice for is easy dying and styling possibilities. The thicker texture of Cambodian hair is extremely resilient and due to its unprocessed nature takes coloring with little to no problems!
Is Cambodian hair good?
Cambodian hair is a thicker and coarser texture of hair making it extremely durable and resilient against curling and dying. The thicker strands straightens bone straight and can easily hold a glamorous curl. Cambodian hair is also a good choice for people looking for multiple options as the texture comes in a wide array of textures such as wavy, straight and curly!
How do you keep Cambodian hair Raw?
To keep the amazing quality of Raw Cambodian hair we recommend a extremely moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and weekly deep conditioning treatments. Dying the hair will take away raw quality of hair and possibly weaken the health of the hair.
Is Cambodian hair thicker than Brazilian hair?
Although our Raw Cambodian and Brazilian hair are extremely comparable, Cambodian hair is the thickest texture on the market with a coarser texture while Brazilian offers a softer, silkier texture.

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