PLEASE NOTE-If this is your first time wearing/using raw hair there are very different expectations vs using pack hair/Virgin hair. True raw hair is a quality of hair that will get better and better with wear and care! It is truly difficult to experience the same quality of hair using VIRGIN HAIR. We do our best to source the most silkiest Raw Hair on the market and have had clients use these bundles for years and years without difficulty! 
Please note Raw Hair will not have the same silicone like luster or one single wave or curl pattern the longer the lengths the looser the waves! Our hair is extremely extremely easy to manipulate and takes coloring and styling very easily! A little Bio silk and iron will bone straight the raw wavy hair silky!

To keep your DHIVA HAIR bundles beautiful for a lifetime, we recommend following these guidelines for its care!

Although higher quality hair will require less maintenance, we absolutely recommend treating your DHIVA HAIR just like your own. Using a high quality shampoo and conditioner will keep the silky flowing silk press like texture of our hair.

Is this hair truly raw? Can it be colored?
We can 100% guarantee our hair is 100% raw and truly and completely unprocessed or steamed. Our Raw straight will have slight wavy patterns through out but can easily be straightened to be bone straight!
Due to the raw nature of our hair, our hair can easily take coloring and bleaching although we do recommend having a professional stylist do any serious chemical procedure and service.
How many OZ is your hair?
All of our bundles are a guaranteed 4oz!