Brazilian vs Peruvian Hair

With so many choices in hair textures on the market Brazilian and Peruvian hair are usually the most popular options! Both choices are extremely high quality and made out of the best Virgin Human hair, but with so many options choosing the best texture for you can be difficult and with the high prices of Raw hair this shouldn't be a gamble!

Thank god when you want the best raw virgin human hair, whether its Brazilian vs Peruvian hair were here to find the best product for your hair texture.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair one of the best selling hair textures on the market. The gorgeous Brazilian hair is known for its extremely soft and shiny texture resembling a Brazilian Blow out! When made out of high quality raw hair this texture can be very flexible holding curls or going bone straight not to mention its colorful dying abilities!

Our Brazilian bundles are best for customers looking for gorgeous bouncy hair that is extremely versatile from curly to straight that can perform well with minimal to no product!

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair one of the newer textures on the market are a suitable choice for thicker and coarser hair textures! Resembling a fresh relaxer or silk press on natural hair, Peruvian hair offers less versatility but offer a quicker blend on coarse hair. 

Peruvian hair being the newer texture on the market is the best choice for less maintenance girls as the coarser texture blends seamlessly into coarse natural hair with styles as Peruvian Bone straight and Peruvian body wave!

Brazilian vs Peruvian Hair. Which hair is better?

1. Brazilian and Peruvian hair are both amazing virgin hair textures for dying and coloring.

2. Brazilian hair is a softer silkier texture which offers bouncier versatile styling. Peruvians thicker, coarser texture can be harder to styler making is great for leaving in its natural bone straight or simple curling.

3. If you are looking for a huge variety of curls and textures Brazilian hair is your go to as Peruvian hair bundles will only come in straight or body wave!

4. Peruvian hair can be a harder texture to find due to its newer origin, older origin hair like Brazilian can be found with any vendor with better bundle deals.

With so many hair companies on the market, Dhiva Hair promises to provide the best hair ranging from Raw Indian hair to the best Brazilian Hair bundles. With so many options choosing the best texture for you will result in easier styling and gorgeous looks! XOXO - Dhiva

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