All about DHIVA BEAUTYS HD Lace!

Common questions about our 13x4 vs 13x6 HD lace frontal!

 What is a 13x4 HD Lace?

13x4 HD Lace refers to the sizing of the hair piece. Meaning our 13x4 HD lace is 13 inches ear to ear with 4 inches going from temple to the crown.


What's the difference between a 13x4 and 13x6 frontal?

Both of DHIVA BEAUTYS 13x4 and 13x6 HD lace refer to the sizing of the hair piece. With the 13 being the sizing from ear to ear and the 4 or 6 inches referring to how far the parting will go from temple to crown!


Which is better HD or transparent lace?

We often recommend transparent lace to ladies who will be regularly wearing their units, our HD lace is usually recommend for special occasions as the ultra thin lace is extremely delicate. Both are amazing choices but will require bleaching of the knots and tinting to give a ultra seamless look!


What is 13x4 lace front?

A 13x4 lace front wig is a unit that has a 13 inch lace hair piece going ear to ear and a 4 inch lace parting space going from forehead to crown with tracks sewn onto the back of the wig!


Which is better 13X4 or 13X6 frontal?

our 13x4 and 13x6 HD Lace frontals are both excellent choices for endless styling! We usually recommend ladies who keep their styling limited to go for a 13x4 HD Lace frontal and ladies who like to do up do's and have more freedom go with the 13x6 HD Lace frontal as larger the lace gives more styling freedom!


What is HD frontal lace?

HD frontal lace is a High Definition Hair piece made with ultra thin lace fabric. HD Lace has become extremely popular due to its almost invisible appearance melting into skin giving a very natural look!


How long does HD lace last?

HD Lace is usually recommended for wig making due to its extremely delicate thin fabric. With proper care HD lace can last several years.


Is HD lace good for dark skin?

HD lace is a amazing choice for dark skin due to its almost transparent color fabric. With proper styling HD Lace can easily melt into darker skin tone.


Is HD lace and Swiss lace the same?

Swiss lace usually refers to the manufacturer of the lace while HD lace refers to the style of lace! Transparent and HD lace are the different fabrics of Swiss lace.



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