Everything about Raw Indian Hair

Why is Raw Indian Hair considered the best?

All about Raw indian hair

Did you know? Indian hair textures are extremely varied depending on the region with South India producing the silkiest straight and bodywave hair and the north producing curly more coarser textures this versatility makes raw indian hair the most sought after and purchased bundles of hair in the world.

Raw Indian Hair

As the top raw indian hair vendor our true raw hair comes from Chennai, the hair capital of the world. The careful process of sectioning the ponytails and cutting allows this to be certified remy grade preserving the hair cuticles into the same direction before the hair was cut. True remy hair will allow you to run your fingers through the buttery strands with almost no tangling. Running your fingers up should give little resisting signifying the hair has not been stripped of its natural cuticle.

To be held to this high standard we do not do any type of processing our streamline production of sourcing from the temples to instantly wefting the hair to preserve its quality with this you will notice lighter pieces or split ends with other companies that usually get stripped with acid or processed but this reassuring flaw is our stamp of true raw hair. Instantly out of the package you will notice our butter like flowing hair smelling of our amazing amla oil further certifying our raw quality.

True Raw Indian hair vs Virgin Hair

Not many people know this secret but Indian hair controls 90% of the hair industry market, due to the high competition of True raw hair vendors like us, that focus on truly preserving raw quality. Many cheaper hair factories collect the hair we refuse and try to pass off as false exotic hair bundles.

Many cheaper factories usually based in china label their hair as Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, or Peruvian hair to market their low quality hair collected from the grounds of temples that has been acid stripped and processed with silicone giving the temporary softness and tangle free look that will instantly wash off leaving you with a horrible matted mess. This chemical production produces the notorious corn chip smell that many hair reviewers will note when buying these so called hair textures. 

Due to meticulous years of investing in our quality we are able to offer the most competitive cost of Raw Indian hair, as one of the top raw Indian hair vendors our hair comes straight from India to the USA allowing us to offer the best wholesale prices on the market! We only allow the best bundles of hair, to start your hair business or purchase bundles click here.

True Raw Indian Hair

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