Why is blonde hair called 613?

What does 613 mean in hair?

When referring to hair you often see numbers such as 1B, 613, 5, and even 7. Hair color works in numbers and we color code the darkest shade such as black which is represented with a 1, Dark brown with a 3, Dark blonde with a 6, and Platinum Blonde with a 10. So when you simplify it 613 would simply be the color make up of the hair to create the blonde hair. 

What hair color is 613 hair?

For wigs and weaves the color code of 613 will be the same and is considered bleached platinum blonde. This number will apply to all hair extensions and weaves such as closures and frontals.

Is 613 hair bleached?

To acheive bright colored hair such as blue, orange, and fiery reds bleaching is required but due to the pre bleach/processed coloring of the 613 hair that step is eliminated as the hair comes pre bleached and ready to color of your choice! 

How to get color out of 613 hair?

Just like any hair style we get bored of our hair color, when your ready for a change you can instantly apply color oops, or gently boil the color out. We recommend the boil method if your tired of chemically processing the 613 bundles.

What is a 613 Hair wig?

We only use our gorgeous raw human hair for a super realistic appearance. A wig can be a broad term but the most popular ones under the blonde category are a 613 full lace wig, a 613 frontal wig, and a 613 hair bundles and closure.

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