Why you NEED a HeadBand Wig!

Headband wig

One tiktok here and a google search there we see a new viral product but why waste your time on another trend right? WRONG. Headband wigs are the newest low maintenance hair piece that doesn't involve sticky hair glue or difficult how to videos. With hundreds of textures, colors and styles, Headband wigs cut your routine in half!

curly headband wig

Not covinced? The best is, no upkeep or crazy high maintenance. Headband wigs don't require any harsh lace adhesive or product to lay the hair down all you do is place the secure headband on your head. Headband wigs are simply half wigs with a headband attached to securely help the wig stay in place. 

headband wig

Maintenance is the best part! Depending on the quality of hair from synthetic to human hair these are the easiest wigs that'll last you a lifetime with proper care. Simply comb out any knots or tangles, and a weekly wash for any product build up and store in a satin bag until the next wear!

With so many options on the market, Dhiva hair is honored and blessed to serve you! For all your headband wigs and wholesale raw indian hair needs click here!

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