About Dhiva Beauty!

Why I can guarantee DHIVA BEAUTY is the best online provider of Raw Hair Extensions.

About me: I entered the Beauty Supply store business in early 2012 through family I have worked in every avenue of Beauty Supply from sales to production to specialty in wigs. I have worked in over 6 different beauty supply stores from Houston,TX-Las Vegas,NV-Cleveland,Oh-Seattle,WA-Los Angeles-CA-Birmingham,AL. My beauty supply knowledge and catalog go on very far and wide.

I personally started DHIVA BEAUTY in early 2013 selling bundles of Raw Cambodian hair to friends in High School. I have worked on my hair business since early 2013 working on and off part time, I have tested almost every single origin of hair from Cambodian to Indian to Vietnamese to Europian. I decided to take DHIVA BEAUTY extremely serious in 2021 after finding the nicest quality of RAW HAIR I have ever seen.

Why is my hair different: The current hair I am selling on my website is over 10+ years of testing and quality, I stand by my double drawn hair to the highest percent. My double drawn raw hair is thick from top to bottom with very minimal short hairs and lays like nothing you have ever seen. I can personally attest to the quality of my hair and products and so can all my amazing DHIVAS.

I want to personally thank all my DHIVAS for supporting me and choosing me to be your hair provider,I promise to provide you the quality to the moon and back. Thank you to Anaiah,Neskaya, Miracle Watts, Mimi Balemlay, Eyerusalem, Birkti, and Lily. Without you this would be impossible. Also thank you to Mary for firing me and letting me understand this isn't just a job but my whole life.